• Non-adhesive & static cling, easy to apply and remove without residue.

  • Applies to any flat, smooth glass surface in minutes.

  • Size: 24 Inches(W) x 78.7 Inches(L) Per Roll, Shipping Weight: About 0.5kg.

  • Reduce glare & UV rays, softly filters light while providing privacy, 100% durable to withstand water and heat.

  • DIY installation, easy to trim to any size, using a pair of scissors or sharp utility knife to fit exact dimensions.

  • Size :24" x 78.7"

    Function: Anti UV, Privacy Protection, Decoration.

    Suitable for Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Balcony Glass, Office, Glass Office Wall, Shop and many more uses.

    Features: Window decals are a lovely way to decorate your windows, they will help to keep out unwanted looks.The Window Films are a great way to keep privacy with decoration, but at the same time they enable the light to come through, plus they are an additional design element in your room.This decorative film creates beauty and privacy with the look of fabulous stained glass.

    In a variety of designs, window films are more beautiful, fashion, style, more innovative, and practical, constantly updated to meet the people chasing the fashion consumer.And fits a variety of applications, from offices to schools to stores to homes. Whether you are buying a gift for your friend or creating an innovation wall/glass at home, it is always a best choice for you.

    How to use:
    Step 1. Trim films into the size of where you want to apply it,adding an extra 2cm to the width and height.
    Step 2. Clean window glass.
    Step 3. Wet the Window or Glass with water (Soapy water will be the best choice).
    Step 4. Peel off the film from backing protect sheet.
    Step 5. When you install it, apply to wet glass and smooth with hands.
    Step 6. Squeegee away water and air bubbles.
    Step 7. Trim around the edge.
    Step 8. Enjoy your works! :-)
    If you want to remove it, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly leaving no residue.

    OstepDecor 24-by-78.7-Inch Etched Lace Static Cling Frosted Privacy Window Films - B01C8O1SJC

    OstepDecor 24-by-78.7-Inch Etched Lace Static Cling Frosted Privacy Window Films - B01C8O1SJC

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